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The King's Tale

Bagel King Diligently Aims to Serve the Best Bagels in Orlando

Serving Orlando and Central Florida for over 43 years, Bagel King proudly serves up the best bagels in Orlando by designing artisan-style
bagel creations that bring smiles to faces and a glint to one's eyes. Imagine biting into a crisp, fresh bagel that is always light as a feather and tasty inside. Savor an assortment of flavored bagels with just the perfect schmear topping for the most simple and pure bagel comfort food enjoyment.

With locations in Casselberry, Winter Park, Lake Mary, and Maitland, there is always a convenient place nearby to find bagel perfection and to satisfy every bagel craving. Wholesale bakery items from Bagel King are renowned for exceptional taste and they have been sold to famous area chain hotels, Walt Disney World, and to major hospitals. Bagel King strives to always make an excellent product, served by friendly and smiling specialists to be known for the bagels in Orlando.


Creating Bagel Perfection Every Time


The secret to creating a bagel masterpiece is making sure the dough is expertly hand-rolled, boiled in water in a large vat while carefully paying attention to perfect timing, and then baking the bagels to crisp perfection in an old-fashioned solid brick oven. The result is what is sometimes called a "kettle baked bagel". It is the secret to that famously perfect bagel texture and taste that is so loved by bagel aficionados. Top your bagel with any one of many varieties of schmear toppings and you have unique, mouthwatering bagel delights.

All bagels, toppings, salads, egg dishes, and sandwich creations are made fresh on the premise so you're assured of the highest quality every time, expertly crafted with the skilled talents of our bagel artisans to add that finishing touch. Specialty schmears made with fresh ingredients starting with 100 percent Philadelphia cream cheese are available in flavors ranging from sweet cinnamon sugar with honey butter, fruity strawberry, or Almond Amaretto for a sweet treat. Or, choose from savory and memorable blends of schmears like Garlic Herb, Tangy Dill, and Chive, Veggie Chunk, or a Smooth Lox schmear for a unique taste sensation.


Breakfast or Lunch Served Seven Days a Week


Whether you choose to dine in at the Deltona location with its
seating for about 60 people enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the Winter Park
location with seating for about 50, or stop by the Debary, Florida
express location for delicious breakfast or lunch take-out
options, everyone will be delighted by the array of delectable
menu choices.

Unforgettable breakfast options in the Casselberry location include an array of breakfast platters, breakfast sandwiches, French toast, omelets, or egg scrambles. For lunch, diners can choose from artfully prepared salads, soups, cold or hot specialty sandwiches, or select an option from the lite side menu. Side dishes include homemade potato knishes, home fries, or chips, or you might want to make a selection from delightful breakfast side choices like pancakes, sausages, or bacon for a heartier breakfast. 

Kids will enjoy breakfast options like pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, French toast, scrambled eggs or an egg sandwich. For lunch, they'll love deciding between macaroni and cheese, bagel sandwiches featuring peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese bagels, or even Nutella on a bagel. Sweet treat aficionados appreciate selections like flavored Long Johns, peanut butter Buckeyes, Raspberry Linzer Tarts, Black and White Cookies just like the ones served New York style, decadent brownies, or other sweet choices from an extensive dessert menu. Depending on the time of year, you can even order and savor specialty holiday desserts while they last. 

Most Notable Achievements that Give Bagel King an Edge


Bagel King is proudly family-owned and operated, and stays focused on always providing exceptional food choices for folks in Orlando and the Central Florida area. Hard work, dedication, and perseverance have made Bagel King a first-rate restaurant choice in Orlando. Several advantages set Bagel King apart, including: 

- Long Local History of Excellence - Bagel King has offered the best bagels in Orlando for over 43 years, a feat they've worked tirelessly to achieve

- Delicious Bagels and Original Menu Items - Skilled artisans create bagels that have been boiled in water, hand-rolled, baked in an authentic brick oven, and that are always made fresh on premise for your consistent assurance of freshly made excellence. All menu items are carefully selected and artfully prepared using originality to create the exceptional taste Bagel King has become known for

- Full-Service Reliability - Bagel King is where you can always find tantalizing breakfast and lunch options served seven days a week, perfect for quick meals or to enjoy a relaxing dining experience

Orlando's famous home of the "Kettle baked bagel," Bagel King, has been voted number two among the top 10 bagel restaurants in Florida. Offering delicious bagels, delightful sandwiches, homemade soups, skillfully prepared meal options, and a wide variety of decadent dessert and pastry items sets Bagel King apart. It's a unique place to find exactly what you're craving, any day of the week.


Consistently Good Reviews from Satisfied Customers


Orlando's treasured destination for authentic New York Style bagels and unique menu items has garnered an array of positive reviews from satisfied customers. One five-star review of Bagel King's catering service on Trip Advisor says "We attended two events that Bagel King catered, and both were amazing.... they catered brunch and it was incredible. Amazing omelet station with a ton of variety. Great bagels/lox table with some excellent egg salad and tuna. Amazing Sashimi Tuna dish and the dessert table was to die for."

Other positive reviews include 4.5-star reviews on, one of which the writer posted "Great Bagels. They are freshly made and baked daily. Not frozen and shipped in." Another satisfied customer wrote "Jalapeno Cheese bagels are the best anywhere. We buy 18 at a time and have them with coffee." Bagel King strives to always be the best, and it has paid off well, in a variety of overwhelmingly positive reviews posted by satisfied customers.


Customers Appreciate Delightful Dine-In and Take-Out Choices


Whether you choose to dine-in or take out a dozen or more delicious bagels, pick up take-out options for a picnic lunch, or make selections from creative sandwich options, Orlando and Central Florida are fortunate to have true bagel artisans conveniently located in the neighborhood. Family owned and operated Bagel King is proud to be an essential part of the area for over 43 years now.

One bite of a crispy bagel with a pillow-soft, fluffy middle will tempt your taste buds every time. Satisfied diners love to return often for the one-of-a-kind experience of authentic New York styled bagels that have garnered the reputation of the best bagels in Orlando. See what all the excitement is about with a trip to your closest Bagel King. The biggest and best compliments we look forward to receiving are praise from satisfied customers and great reviews from those who recommend us to their friends and family. Making people happy by delivering delicious food and service with a smile is what Bagel King strives to do. Seeing your joy keeps us striving for excellence.

Once Upon A Time . . .

Frank and Tina Perrotta opened Bagel King Bakery in January 1977 in Winter Park, Florida with the simple desire to make a high quality product and serve people with a smile. So Frank set about to win his customers by fulfilling their special requests with the help of dedicated wife and 5 daughters… it worked!! Frank hand rolled the bagels daily. He baked 8 different types of bagels back then, and started making homemade potato knishes and fresh breads daily which were an instant hit. 

Bagel King Founder Frank Perrotta. Most of the locals didn’t even know what a bagel was, so Frank gave bagels away for people to try in the hope of creating converts to the bagel life. Back then bagels sold for $1.80 per dozen, or $.15 cents a piece. Wow what a deal!! The store was take-out only, without a dining room. Luckily, Winter Park had a large Jewish base and word spread quickly about Frank and his New York style kettle baked bagels.

Cali bagel. Kettle-baked bagel of your choice, topped with over roasted turkey, spinach, tomatoes, sweet bermuda onions, fresh avocado and house-made aioli.

In 1978, Tina Perrotta located a soda shop in Longwood, called “The Pop Shoppe” where she rented a corner and transported the bagels there on Friday, Saturday , and Sunday. She sold bagels there for about 3 years.

Customers quickly found out about the bagel deliveries, and would be waiting for her to arrive with them every weekend. Word had spread that NY style bagels had arrived in Central Florida.

A real and sustainable business was taking shape for the Perrotta family.

In 1984 Frank and Tina opened their second location in Longwood, FL with daughter Francine. Meanwhile, two other daughters, Lucille and Tinamarie, managed and ran the Winter Park store.

When Lucille and Tinamarie were running the Winter Park store, they expanded the store to include a grill, and they cooked eggs any way the customers wanted them. Soon after they started serving deli meats and sandwiches and created a restaurant atmosphere with about 50 seats.

At this point Lucille began wholesaling bakery items to hotels, other restaurants and soon after, Disney World. Her wholesale business continued to expand and soon they moved it into a warehouse in Orlando and separated from retail. That division then became known as “Bagel King Wholesale”. She and her partner, Scott Tournour, have been working owners for 27 years. 

The wholesale division continues to thrive and sells products to most all of the large hotel chains as well as Disney and many major hospitals. Read more at

In 1989 Frank, Tina & daughter Theresa Perrotta helped Francine (Perrotta) & Mark Lemelin open a Bagel King in Deltona Florida. Francine and Mark have been working partners for 22 years. Their small retail shop has grown now to seat 60 people and is a hot spot for breakfast and lunch in Deltona. In May 2008 They opened a Bagel King Express in Debary Florida, 3 miles away, which is a small take-out only shop for breakfast and lunch items.

Bagel with spinach and tomato next to kiwi, strawberries, blackberry and orange.
Case with assorted desserts

In 1994 Tinamarie moved the main store to Casselberry, FL where it sits today. There she continued to expand the retail store of the business. The store now carries 22 types of bagels and a full line of NY style pastries, cookies, potato knishes and many more staples. It now has a large and detailed menu that includes a host of traditional NY style breakfast and lunch selections.

She also opened up a store in Winter Park and Lake Mary!!!

It has somewhat of a “cult” following with many loyal customers spanning more than one generation. Retail also expanded two more locations to Maitland and Winterpark.

Tinamarie also started a full service catering division that has grown into a substantial part of the company. That division is now known as ‘Princess Catering’ and is run as a subsidiary for the original Bagel King business. Catering now services a wide customer base for religious, corporate and social events.

But the story doesn’t end here as Bagel King continues to thrive and grow. Visit any of our retail locations and follow us online at FACEBOOK. Stay tuned!!